Monday, February 6, 2012

Manoya (aka Enik

Manoya (aka EnikBorn and raised in a small, peaceful town in the Great Hungarian Plain of Hungary, Eniko Hodosi was surrounded by music throughout her childhood. Her intense musical interest started with a slightly pessimistic but rather stunning declaration she made at the age of 5: after listening to various radio stations and her parents' tapes for a whole day long, she went to her mother and told her in a disenchanted tone: "Mum, everything is already written and composed in music, what am I gonna do then?" Nevertheless, having grown up with perpetual melodies in her head, she developed her own voice and an attitude of a visionary, and became busy with music ever since. She used to sing solos in the local church choir, tasted the world of opera in her teenage grammar school years, then she sang a bit of a jazz and spirituals, and even tried herself as a dancer and actress in the National Theatre of Szeged during her studies at university (Bachelor of Art) and college (economic studies). Soon she was heard about and got involved in local studio works, blues-rock and pop-rock bands as vocalist and co-composer (Ragdoll, The Fever) and still as a university student in 2003, she got an invitation as a singer-songwriter to join NEO, one of the most successful Budapest-based electronic-pop formation of that time. Drawn to the capital of Hungary, music became the first and foremost activity in her life with NEO as the main focus of attention. NEO rose to its highest peaks during these years <b>...</b>
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Manoya (aka Enik
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